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Sorter Separation Systems

Our sorter systems (Automatic cargo sorting systems)

It is a high-tech product with automatic storage and separation processes. It is a system that aims to provide convenience, employee savings and time savings in cargo systems and logistics chain. Today, it has become the indispensable systems of the cargo and logistics industry. Our company has been installing sorter and conveyor systems and automations for leading cargo and logistics companies in the sector for years.

The Welshpool facility houses TNTÕs largest fully-automated sortation system in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Advanced Technology Sorter Separation Systems

Sorter automation with superior technology features includes the automatic cargo system. The right solution is the product with its mechanism that provides continuous transfer. The service is transferred fully from turnkey to product installation. Its high speed separates with high accuracy and precision with speeds up to 1000 pieces / min depending on the weight and size of the product.

We use Siemens S7 1500 series fail safe and redundant PLC in electronic automation part. All equipment used on the system, including motor, reducer and pneumatic components, are products of leading manufacturers in Europe.

Production – Design – Installation

Our company that installs sorter systems; It offers other support services in addition to sorter systems. By designing conveyor and storage systems, services are transferred by an experienced team. In this process, the cargo separation system is produced with the feature of automation. It is provided on turnkey basis with installation and additional services.