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Pallet Transfer and Pallet Elevator

Pallet Lifts are used for transporting pallet loads between floors. The amount of the load is designed in accordance with pallet sizes and floor height. At the entrance and exit of pallet elevators, there are conveyor systems working in coordination with the elevator in order to ensure the entrance and exit of the cargo without any problems. The length of roller or chain conveyors is for at least 1 pallet and can vary depending on the location and storage area of ​​the company for more.

Our company has manufactured and installed pallet freight elevators for the leading companies in the sector for nearly 15 years. According to the customer’s needs, the dimensions of the pallet elevator, its working capacity will carry one pallet or two pallets, and the elevator statics are calculated and the elevator project is prepared and manufactured.

Continuous uninterrupted operation is important in freight elevators. In this context, all equipment such as motors, drivers, reducers, rollers, sensors that we use in our freight elevators are the products of the leading companies in the sector in Europe.

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Pallet and Freight Elevators We Produce

They are systems resistant to heavy loads.
Quiet motor systems are preferred.
It consists of mechanical parts with low maintenance needs.
Bearing groups and pulley systems used in the system work in harmony.
Project Design and Needs Assessment Stages

The pallets and freight elevators needed for each business and according to the purpose of use vary. The weight of the pallets to be transported is checked with our on-site detection service.

Pallet and Load Lift systems are manufactured by our company in desired sizes and dimensions in line with the needs, and we provide on-site assembly service with our expert staff. For the installation of high quality and durable systems, ask for information from our phone number. We will be happy to assist you.


Our pallet elevators

With pallet elevators, it is possible to transfer all kinds of pallets between floors in single or multiple ways.
Thanks to the central control, it is possible to use the elevator without any manual intervention between the conveyor lines on different floors.
It provides operational efficiency thanks to its high carrying capacity and speed.

We use Siemens S71500 series fail safe and redundant PLCs as PLC in electronic automation part. Ensuring safety is indispensable for the elevator.