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Conveyor Systems

Conveyor transfer systems

We serve the sectors with our many years of experience in product transfer and conveyor applications. You can contact us for all your conveyor transport transfer needs. Below you can find the types and features of the product conveyor we manufacture.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors can be designed for many different applications and are widely used. There are belts with different features according to the feature, shape and structure of the product to be transported. (PVC, Rubber, Silicone, Teflon, PU, etc.) It is possible to design conveyor lines in different geometric shapes suitable for the process structure of the enterprise. It can be produced with Stainless steel or Aluminum chassis according to the purpose of use.

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors are used to transport palletized products. Chain conveyors can be used with heavy loads and on different lines. Chain conveyors, which are manufactured with 2 or 3 channels side by side, provide ideal pallet transfer. It can be produced in different models according to the purpose of use.

– Straight Chain Conveyors
– Accumulative Chain Conveyors
– Double Speed Chain Conveyors
– Roller and Chain Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors are generally used in the factory to transfer materials or parts to each other in machinery and assembly lines. It is also used to increase efficiency in parcel accumulation, storage and packaging. In normal types, the drive is wrapped on the sprocket with a single row chain from the length and with 2 rows of chain in heavy types, a strong drive from roll to roll is provided. By using the spacing of the rolls, the necessary equipment for lifting, rotating and changing direction can be easily assembled. Roller conveyors are produced as idlers or driven rollers. With their driven rollers and chain systems, they have the capacity to transport products up to two tons without any special application. Driven Roller systems can be manufactured as 90 ° or 180 ° rotation conveyors, as well as being suitable for 90 ° and 180 ° transfer systems, they can be widely used in production lines and factory automation.

Belt Return Conveyors

Belt return conveyors are conveyors designed for situations where packed or open products need to change direction. It can be produced with modular, belt, knife edge, roll or idler roller according to the application areas. It is suitable for solving rotation and inclined outlet problems encountered in the transportation of products. It can be manufactured at angles of 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, 135 and 180 degrees. Conveyor speed can be fixed or adjusted. Speed adjustment is provided by an inverter. A completely stainless chassis or a normal sheet painted body can be made. PVC or PU tapes have suitable types according to the ambient conditions (oily environment, acidic environment).

Fixed Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Stationary Telescopic belt conveyors are designed to serve from a single ramp in loading and unloading operations:

Technical Specifications

– Flat PVC tape, 2 layers

– Belt Speed: 30m / minute (can be increased depending on the operator speed.)

– Front panel lighting: LED lighting placed in front of the conveyor

– Working hour measurement: The total working time of the conveyor is monitored on the main control panel. When the service is due, a warning will appear on the panel.

– Audible Warning: While the band starts to operate, the operator is warned by an audible siren.

– Anti-collision: Automatic retraction of the conveyor if it hits an obstacle thanks to a sensor strip placed on the front panel

– Protection plate: With the 5mm thick plate, the damages that may be caused when the products are thrown in front of the conveyor are prevented.

– Inverter that enables the conveyor start and stop processes to be performed slowly.

– Chain sensors: If there is a loosening in the chain thanks to the sensors placed on the main chassis, the conveyor stops automatically and prevents any damage.

– In accordance with EN619, the bottom of all conveyor sections are completely covered with a cover, and the operators are prevented from touching the moving parts in the conveyor and causing a possible accident.

– High chassis (if there is no loading ramp) possibility

– The possibility of connecting the back of the system with in-house conveyors

– Movable chassis option for a conveyor to serve multiple doors / ramps

– Emergency stop button: 1 on the front panel, 2 on the sides

– Control buttons (on the front panel): Start / Stop buttons

– Extension button

– Retreat button

– Elongation / Shortening speed: 15m / min

– 5000-8000 mm main chassis, 7000-15000mm extension, 600-800mm width options

– 415V, 3PH + E, 20A

– Control Voltage 24V DC

– Capacity 50kg / m (custom production is possible as 100kg / m.)

Modular Belt and Other Conveyors

Modular Belt Conveyors are conveyors made by using the belt formed by the links attached to each other. The addition of the band provides ease of use. It is produced in different designs and different materials according to the load to be carried and the process. It is preferred in washing and cooling lines.

– Smooth Linear Modular Belt Conveyors
– Rotating Modular Belt Conveyors
– Inclined, Palletized Modular Belt Conveyors
Technical Specifications

Belt speed: 30 m / minute
Carrying capacity: 300 kg / m


Width: 50 – 5.000 mm


Chassis: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum
Belt type: Plastic modular band